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About Us

Founded in 2006, Pauhana surf school focuses on equality, ocean restoration, and transformational learning through watersports. We are certified with the International Surf Association and approved by Ministry of Tourism to operate in Dominican Republic.


Introduction to Surfing

We help you start with the basics which include safety, foundation, and ease you into a new experience



For those who've tried surfing a couple times a year, we're here to bridge the gap in leaving the white water.


Advanced Beginner

The occasional surfers looking to navigate the waves and the culture of the lineup.



Passionate surfers seeking the rush of catching a overhead wave consistently.


Over 35 years of surfing

Starting in 1984..

One day we saw a pilot surfing by the airport and became captivated by the sport. This gentleman gave us his board, we kept it and even cut it into two pieces to have two boards. When he returned and he found us, he was like wait, my board, what happened?! And we explained, look what happened is that more boys joined us. From two, we had fifteen. - Interview with Chepe Gomez by Moraima Capellán Pichardo at

The Love

for wave thrills!

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