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Surfing with Pauhana

“Pauhana’s mission, our slogan is “This is what we love.” Our mission is to enroll more surfers in the world and educate more people to take care of our oceans, to maintain our beaches clean, it does not matter if you are the owner or not. You are the owner of the planet, not of the beach.” – Chepe Gomez

Pauhana means: ” The time after work. It is considered a time for relaxation, informal socializing with friends and family, and enjoyment…”

We have a variety of instructors and coaches that’ll be here to cater to your experience. Our school is committed to developing well-rounded instructors to be attentive to your needs. As a result of our growing school, we have instructors in-training and internationally recognized surf instructors.

surfing experience

surf pricing per person

Your surf experience will range from 1.5 hours to 2 hours and will include all safety equipment on-site. Each lesson will be customized based on experience and wave knowledge. Ratio is 2 students per 1 instructor.

  • $60
  • $75
  • $90
  • $90
  • $50 Add-on
(829) 455-8097
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