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Donate OCEAN RESTORATION PROGRAM Since 2013, we've been actively preserving the beach and ocean through community efforts. Now we're ready to take a proactive step to offset the environmental impacts of commercialization.

Partnership with Global Coralition

We're giving back to the ocean by restoring the reef and preserving a Pauhana Lifestyle.

As of March 2022, we're excited to work with Global Coralition and design a new Pauhana Surf Experience. Our surf instructors will begin to teach the basics of ocean and wave science to prospective students. Students will then have the opportunity to learn about our efforts to restore the reef and be among the first stewards of our beaches we work on.

Site 1: Atabey at Sosua Bay

Standing 15 feet tall, she will be deployed into Sosua Bay, catalyzing restoration efforts in the region in collaboration with local foundation Magua.

We are preparing to build our first land-based coral farm in the region that will be able to grow a diverse array of resilient coral at scale.

Get Involved

We're opening volunteer programs in the near future where you'll be able to support our restoration efforts.

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